4 days ago

No anxiety attacks for a while…. Feels too good to be true.

3 weeks ago
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1 month ago
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Who am I kidding?

I’m pretty much blind. Without my glass I’m nothing. Every time I lose them I have a panic attack.

Thinking of starting a series of paintings without them.

Might as well start practicing.

1 month ago
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Seeing things sleeping is creepy.

Seeing an unconscious body just lay there in front of you.

Surrendering to sleep is even worse. It’s a necessity but I just pass out everyday hoping I’ll wake up.

1 month ago
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Origami Boy

When I met you

Just a simple blue bird

Couldn’t see your folds

or appreciate your complexities

Pulling on your wings, thought it’d help you fly

You did, though not very far

And I may have torn you a bit from pulling to hard

Left you crammed in my wallet

Didn’t even notice you enduring the crumpling for me

I was careless, the thoughts were poring in my head

Running to find shelter

my hands loosened their grip

Dropping you into a puddle

Soggy wings made you unable to fly

You just floated for a time, alone unable to follow

As the sun rose you knew I wouldn’t come back

Just waitied to be trampled

A girl came by, stopped and scooped you up gently

Letting you dry in the sun

Last I saw you

You were red and shining brilliantly

1 month ago
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Pretending it Never Happened

Still looking for the stains of you in the cracks of my skin

Everyone still treats me like a child

When the child inside of me died a long time ago

2 months ago
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anyone that uses the word wanderlust seriously. get outta town.

2 months ago
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